Month to Month Subscription

Dronemobile monthly plans are auto-renewing plans that customer can choose on a pay-as-you go basis. All monthly plans are bundled into one single payment using a single credit card.  We offer 4 plan types per month :

Basic $5.99, Premium $11.99, Business $24.99, Business Plus $29.99.

Billing Transactions

Transactions for monthly plans are processed using Firstech's merchant account through Customers are billed monthly on the same day of purchase.

Downgrade service - If you decide to downgrade your service during the billing period, you will not be charge and the next payment will reflect the new plan price.

Upgrade service - If you decide to upgrade your service during the billing period, remaining charges will be applied to current billing period. The following month, the full amount on the new plan will be added.

Customers can add additional Dronemobile devices to a monthly plan, however they will be charged for the remaining time in their current billing period, after which the plan will be bundled with other monthly plans.

Customer  Profiles

Customers billed on a monthly basis will need to maintain a billing profiling. Credit cards are not stored on our servers, but for reoccurring monthly payments a reference code, billing address and expiration is used in reference to pay for the subscription on a month to month basis.  If a card is expired, the customer will be notified to update his/ her card.  In the event where a credit card fails, the monthly plans will be set to  expire at the end of the current billing period.  If a card is replaced, all monthly plans will be linked to that new profile.

Cancelling Service

  • Using the "Delete this vehicle" function from within the Dronemobile App. This function completely wipes the Dronemobile device from the account.  If you're unsure of what to do at this point, please be sure to consult with one of our representatives before proceeding forward. Dronemobile is not responsible of retrieving lost information to the customer's account.


NOTE: Cancelling Dronemobile service will result in a reactivation fee of $35 upon renewing and reinstating Dronemobile service.


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