Google Home

To utilize the Google Home features, you must download the Google Home app. In addition to this, you must also download the Google Assistant app.

To enable the DroneMobile action please follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Assistant app
  • Tap on “Explore” on the top of the page
  • Scroll to the “Travel and Transportation” section
  • Tap on “More”
  • Locate and tap on the DroneMobile action
  • Tap on “Link” (this will take you to a page to log into your DroneMobile account)
  • Login to your DroneMobile account (use the same email address and password as you would to log onto your DroneMobile account from your phone or computer)
  • Create a 4 or 5-digit pin (this pin will allow you to use the Lock/Unlock features securely)

Tapping on “Try it” will show you the various actions that DroneMobile can do through the Google Assistant app.

NOTE: You may need to give permission for the DroneMobile action to work within the app. To give permission, please use the following link: (Click this link to see the directions to turn on “Personal Results”)


Please note: the above does not include instructions on how to set up your Google Home device. Please follow the Google Home app’s instructions to learn how to do this.


DroneMobile Skills for Google Home



Due to safety concerns, this first version of the DroneMobile Skill for Google Home does NOT include remote start features. Our team will be working hard over the upcoming months to analyze user behavior to understand how to safely implement remote start features into the Google Home app prior to the beginning of the remote start season.


Keyless Entry

  • OK Google, tell DroneMobile to lock <Vehicle Name>.
    • OK Google, ask DroneMobile to unlock <Vehicle Name>.


Trunk Release

  • OK Google, tell DroneMobile to open the trunk on <Vehicle Name>.
  • OK Google, ask DroneMobile to check status of <Vehicle Name>.


GPS Car Finder

  • OK Google, ask DroneMobile where <Vehicle Name> is.
  • OK Google, tell DroneMobile to find <Vehicle Name>.



  • OK Google, ask DroneMobile for help.
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