How do I set up Points of Interest for my DroneMobile?

Points of Interest is a feature exclusively for Premium users. It allows to monitor vehicle status information and alerts you of arrival and departure at the specified locations. You may create up to 10 POI per account. Please see below for a step by step guide:


  • First you'll need to open up the drop down menu on the homepage of the app. 


  • Once the menu opens, you'll want to go to 'Geofences' 


  • Here is where you would see any existing Points of Interests, if you already had some created. To create a new POI, click on the plus symbol in the top right hand corner. 


  • A search bar will open up and this is where you will type the name of the business/location or address of the POI. After you find the correct address, click 'next'.


  • A map will appear to confirm the address again on the map, if it's correct, click 'next' in the top right hand corner of the app. 


  • Your POI has not Upon completion, if the vehicle arrives or departs from any of these POI, you will get a notification to your smartphone.




Thank you.

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