When attempting to log into my account, the application gives me a communication error. How do I fix this?

If you are receiving a communication error when attempting to either log in or out of the DroneMobile application it means that there is an issue with the application on your phone.

The first thing to attempt is to shut down the application entirely or to stop it from running in the background of the phone. Instead of just exiting the app by pressing the home button on your phone you must shut it down entirely, also called 'force quit'. For assistance with this please use the following links:

iOS 10 


Following this attempt to restart the application and log in again. If you continue to receive the communication error when logging into the application then the next step is to completely remove or uninstall the application from your phone and re-download it. Upon redownloading the app you should no longer have this issue. If the issue persists go to the 'app manager' in the settings and clear both the cache and data for the DroneMobile application before deleting and re-downloading the app. 

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