Can I use the DroneMobile application on more than one phone?

Absolutely! You are able to access a Drone unit or an entire Drone account through multiple smartphones at the same time. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  • Download the DroneMobile application on all available phones.
  • Use the exact same user name and password on each phone.

After doing this, all your mobile devices will have access to the account at the same time.


NOTE: The DroneMobile App is available for iOS and Android devices ONLY.

Thank you.

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  • when having 2 different drone mobile vehicles on 1 account, why does the app switch vehicles on both phones. it would be nice if my phone would stay on my vehicle and my daughters phone app would stay on her vehicle. every time I start or she starts her vehicle it switches.

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  • Hello,
    At this time, the application can not distinguish which phone is controlling the vehicle as its under one account that requires log in information. The application is designed to remain on the last vehicle used. Although, we are designing an update that will resolve some of these issues.

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