Viewing the Map


When viewing the Track page, you will see the following:

  • A map pin representing the last reported location of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s image should indicate which vehicle is currently being tracked.

  • Your phone’s location, which is marked by a blue circle with a white border (on both iOS and Android).

  • Info card displaying the address of your vehicle’s last reported location. If you tap this info card, the card will expand, showing the Engine and Speed status of your vehicle. In addition, the info card features the ability to Share your vehicle’s location or get directions. Important: below your vehicle’s name is a time stamp that shows when your vehicle’s location was last reported. If it has been a while since you updated your vehicle’s location, press the Refresh icon.

  • Refresh button – The refresh button, which looks like a circular arrow, updates the location of your vehicle. When you tap this button, please allow 5-7 seconds for DroneMobile to locate your vehicle and to report that location back to the app. Important: when you press the “Refresh” button, you are only requesting the location of the vehicle that you are currently looking at.

  • My location – The “my location” button, which looks like a target icon, will re-center the map on your phone’s location. Use this function to determine the distance between you and your vehicle. Note: when you request “Directions” to your vehicle, your phone’s location is set as the starting point for the directions.

  • Search for vehicle – At the top of the screen, there is a magnifying glass icon. When you tap this, your vehicle list will populate. Tap any one of these vehicles to jump to this vehicle’s location.

  • Map preferences – Change your map settings.
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