Setting Up Your DroneMobile System

To adjust the settings, or to customize your DroneMobile system, navigate to the “Setup” page in the DroneMobile app. To go to this page, press the right-most menu option in the footer bar. There is a wrench icon next to the Setup link.

Once you find your way to the Setup page, you will see the following items:

  • Your vehicle name and vehicle profile picture – if you want to change the settings on another vehicle, go to the vehicle menu by pressing the two-arrow icon in the top right corner of the page.
  • Vehicle Info - Edit your vehicle’s profile and picture.
  • Subscription – Check your DroneMobile system’s subscription status.
  • Drone Settings – Configure your DroneMobile system’s settings.
  • System Settings – Configure your remote start or alarm.
  • Alerts – Customize which push notifications you receive from your DroneMobile system.
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  • Impossible to connect

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  • why my alarms System Settings allow me to set the Smart Locks and Auto Lock/Arm features? I thought this was standard? I have a 2010 chevy silverado with power locks.

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