Vehicle Info

The “Vehicle Info” page shows you basic information about your vehicle, and allows you to upload a profile picture for your vehicle. 

  • Serial # - Your DroneMobile system’s serial number is the most important way to verify your system and identity. We advise that you always keep a record of your serial number in a safe place.
  • Vehicle Name – Give your vehicle a nickname. For voice control applications, this nickname is used for sending a command to your vehicle.
  • Year – The year that your vehicle was manufactured.
  • Make – The Make/Manufacturer of your vehicle.
  • Model – The Model of your vehicle.
  • License Plate – This is an optional field that you can use to remember your license plate number.
  • VIN – Another optional field that you can use to remember your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN.
  • SAVE – If you make any changes to your vehicle’s profile or picture, press the “SAVE” button to save your changes.

Here's a video illustration:

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