System Settings

The “System Settings” page configures how your vehicle’s remote start or security system functions.

Here's a video illustration:

Prior to adjusting these settings, please confirm with your original place of installation the features that are available for your vehicle. For example, if your DroneMobile system is not connected to a siren, toggling the “Siren” feature will not do anything. 

  • Siren – Mutes/unmutes your DroneMobile system’s siren (if installed)
  • Valet Mode – Disables remote start and security features temporarily.
  • Shock Sensor – Activates/deactivates your DroneMobile system’s shock sensor.
  • Smart Locks – Also known as “Drive Lock”, this feature automatically locks your doors when you start driving your vehicle.
  • Turbo Timer – If installed, activates a “turbo timer” which keeps the engine running after the key is removed from the ignition to reduce turbo wear.
  • Auto Lock/Arm – Also known as “Passive Arming”, this feature automatically locks your doors after a short period of time.

If you enable “Auto Lock/Arm”, your vehicle’s doors will lock automatically when you leave your vehicle. Thus, if you accidentally leave your keys in your car AND your DroneMobile system does not work, you may be locked out. Take extra precaution when activating this feature.

Additionally, if you are accustomed to leaving your keys in your car, disable this feature when parking your vehicle in a parking garage. DroneMobile may not be able to access your vehicle while it is parked in a parking structure, and if your keys are locked inside, you may be locked out!

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