What’s new in DroneMobile 4?


DroneMobile is an all-in-one solution for controlling, tracking, and sharing with your vehicle. With this 4thmajor release of the DroneMobile smartphone app, there are several new and exciting features that we are excited to share with users:

  • Family Sharing– DroneMobile 4 now makes it possible for drivers to share access to their vehicles with family members and/or co-workers. To learn more about how Family Sharing works, click here.

  • Advanced GPS Tracking Features– Previously, alerts for speeding, curfews, and points of interest could only be managed on the DroneMobile website. Now, those features are all accessible in the DroneMobile app.

  • Customizable Home Screen– Whenever you login to the DroneMobile 4 app, you will be greeted with a dashboard that updates you on your vehicle’s status.

  • New Tracking Interface– Tracking multiple vehicles is now easier, with a “card-based” interface that allows you to swipe between vehicles to track their location.
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  • Is Drone Mobile 4 now live? For Both IOS and Android?

    If not why this post? Very confusing guys!!!

  • I have the same question as Driverjeff except it's a couple weeks later. Can we get an answer? Current version on Android (3.9.21) rarely gives me accurate information regarding vehicle status (locks, start or open door status) while the installer's iOS version shows correct status consistently. As a seasoned IT professional I would be more than happy to be an early adopter or beta tester of your updates.

  • Same here, P Corbett. I have actually asked this very reasonable question a number of times and they seem to be ignoring the question. Not sure what is going on. Very peculiar.

    Maybe the post is intended for their beta users??? But shouldn't there be a separate site, so not to confuse the rest of the world?

  • How do I up date to 4

  • Do I need to uninstall v3 to install v4 on my iPhone ?

  • Does anyone have a problem with push notifications for speeding?
    or the fact that the information is 20-30 minutes behind?

  • Yes. I am getting SPAM'd with speeding notifications and can't get them to stop.

  • Spam'd? I don't get any notifications at all and I know the car is going over 40!

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