Apple Watch and Android Wear Issues (Jan 2019 Update)

In the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing the all-new DroneMobile 4.0 app for iPhones and Androids. One common question about this major update is whether Apple Watch and Android Wear functionality will be improved.

While we have made major improvements and upgrades to the DroneMobile iPhone and Android app, we also identified some major issues with the user experience on wearable devices. These issues include:

  • Constant request to sync with the smartphone.
  • Communication issues to the vehicle.
  • Vehicle status not updating without re-syncing with smartphone.
  • Voice commands failing

Apple Watch and Android Wear functionality both remain top priorities for our development team. However, upon the initial release of the DroneMobile 4 app, wearable functionality will be as follows:

  • Apple Watch will not be supported at all on DroneMobile 4
  • Android Wear will have limited functionality on DroneMobile 4, as this solution will remain untouched upon the launch of the new update

Updating these experiences will be the first item addressed by the DroneMobile team following the launch of 4.0. We plan on releasing an update for Apple Watch and Android Wear in March 2019. While the exact ETA for this functionality is undetermined, we will do our best to keep DroneMobile users informed on when they will be able to use the DroneMobile app again.

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  • Will there be an update for the Samsung galaxy watches? They use tizen os (probably spelled wrong).

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