DroneMobile 4.0 - Customize your application settings

Drone 4.0 allows you to further customize your experience. From the app setting screen, you are able to complete the following:

- Change Password
- Face/Touch ID permission *iOS only
- Passcode Lock *Android only

- Command Confirmation - Avoid pressing the wrong button by confirming every command sent

- Audible Confirmation - Get audible feedback whenever a command i ssuccessful

- Vibration Confirmation - Get haptic feedback whenever a command is succesful

- Auto-Refresh: Update your vehicle's status whenever your open up the app.
*This will work the very first time you are opening Drone. If the app is running in the background, please complete a manual refresh.

- Show Commands - Launch the command screen whenever you open the Drone app
*It will make your interaction a lot faster with your vehicle.

- Units - Change from Metric to Imperial

Here's a video illustration -

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