Can I change the DroneMobile app to default to the controls screen?

DroneMobile 4.0 slightly changes the apps navigation flow. Instead of defaulting to the car and controls, you are now taken to a home screen where you can easily check the status and location* of your vehicle.

*If you have DroneMobile Premium

I want to be taken directly to the controls screen so that I can start/lock/unlock my vehicle right away.

Great! DroneMobile 4.0 has a "Show Commands" feature that will automatically launch the Controls screen when you open the DroneMobile app. Here is how you enable this feature:

  1. Press the 3-bar icon in the top left corner of the DroneMobile app.
  2. The side menu will pop out. Press "Settings".
  3. Scroll down to "Show Commands". Turn this feature ON.

From now on, if you close the DroneMobile app and re-open it, it will launch the Controls screen.

Note - if you close the DroneMobile app on a screen other than Controls, but then immediately reopen the DroneMobile app, it will remain on the screen you were on previously. The DroneMobile app will wait some time before the "Show Commands" feature takes effect.

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  • "Slightly changes the apps navigation flow"? This layout is not what people want. IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROLS. Right now, even when we change the settings, when we open the app, we can see Home screen first and then we are being redirected to Controls. Not cool. CONTROLS should be a default (Home) screen. Then, when we are on the Controls screen, instead of an "X" on the bottom of the screen (to close the Controls screen), we should see other menu items like Status (currently Home), Track, Activity, and Setup. Please get on it and make it right. You're welcome!

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  • I want activate

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