The DroneMobile app logs me out when I open the app, forcing me to log back in and re-do my settings.

The DroneMobile Team has received numerous reports from iOS DroneMobile 4 users that are getting logged out when opening the DroneMobile app.

As of February 14th, 2019 - our team is still trying to identify all of the scenarios where this happens. But we have identified a common recurrence of this issue with the "Require Face/Touch ID" feature.

When this feature is enabled, the DroneMobile app will require you to re-authenticate using Face or Touch ID every time you use the app. Even if you simply press the lock screen button and immediately unlock your smartphone, DroneMobile will require you to re-authenticate using Face/Touch ID. After two failed attempts, the DroneMobile app will offer "Passcode Unlock" as an alternative method of authentication.

If you do NOT re-authenticate yourself within the DroneMobile app and press "Cancel" or close the DroneMobile app, the app will log you out. This is a security precaution to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicles (e.g. Many parents will unlock their phones for their children to play video games. This feature prevents children from opening up DroneMobile and sending a command.)

The DroneMobile team is evaluating the logic and sequence of the Require Face/Touch ID feature, and may make adjustments in future builds. In the meantime, if you are finding the DroneMobile Face/Touch ID feature difficult to use, please turn it OFF and give us your feedback.

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  • Need someone to help me with the app it keeps shutting down everytime I try starting the vehicle. Very frustrating al.ost 2 months since I purchased and nobody to talk to

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  • On my android running Pie, I continually have to log into the app. This could prove dangerous if you try to unlock/start your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, in a dangerous area or at night.

    Totally unacceptable for an app as pricey as this one!

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