DroneMobile for Apple Watch and Android Wear (Feb 2019 Update)

Earlier this month, our team was excited to announce the release of the DroneMobile 4.0 app for iOS devices. While DroneMobile 4.0 for Android is around the corner, we wanted to provide an update on the status of wearable functionality for Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Last month, we provided an update stating the DroneMobile 4.0 would not support Apple Watch at all. This ended up not being the case, as we were able to include a stable version of the DroneMobile Apple Watch app, albeit with the following issues:

  • Required handoff with smartphone - meaning that you occasionally have to unlock your smartphone in order to use the Apple Watch app.
  • Difficulty with syncing Apple Watch to Phone.
  • Slower than usual command and response time.

Issues aside, the DroneMobile team is enthusiastically reworking the Apple Watch app to feature a more streamlined, responsive user experience. Stay tuned!

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  • Thanks for working on this and Alexa support!

  • Don't get too excited about 4.0. It stinks. Car doesn't start. App doesn't respond. Why take a great product and turn it into garbage?

  • whats the status of android wear compatibility?

  • my app doesn't allow me to sign back in after an update. I request an email and it they will not send me a response!

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