The remote start button in the new DroneMobile app doesn't work. How do I start / stop my engine?

The new DroneMobile 4.0 app features a simplified control interface with bigger buttons that are way easier to press!

One of the most annoying things that can happen is accidentally starting your car. The new DroneMobile 4.0 fixes this by requiring you to hold the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds to remote start your car. Note: only the Start/Stop button requires the extended hold. Other buttons only require a tap.

Once you've held your thumb on the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds, the button will pulse for 4-8 seconds while the command is processed. If successful, you will see a green check mark. If the command fails, you will see a red X icon.

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  • Drawn mobile one open my doors again leaving me stranded outside my truck if this was Winter I be pissed! When will it work Like before the update?

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  • You guys need to fix this, since you updated or patched the application to fix the slow program start, now the start stop button fails and consistently says ERROR Device did not respond to request, please make sure the device is powered on. OF COURSE it is powered on and it is colder than heck here, please fix this asap!

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  • Stop start not successful please try again. I've cleared the cache. Re-installed. Still doesn't work.

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