(Android) DroneMobile Push Notifications and Alerts Not Working

If you are receiving SOME alerts, but not ALL alerts:

If you are receiving some alerts via push notifications, but not others - this may mean that your Drone/Alert settings have not been properly set up.

In order to set these features up, please follow these guides:

  • Drone Settings* - configures how your DroneMobile system reports information about your vehicle.
  • Alert Settings - controls which push notifications you receive from your vehicle

*Drone setting scan only be set by the primary or account owner. If this DroneMobile system was shared with you, you only be able to change the Alert Settings.

If you are NOT receiving any alerts:

The most common reason for failed push notifications is an expired device token for notifications. There are a number of ways to address this for Android devices.

Fix #1: Log out and log back in.
Logging out and logging back in will force a renewal of your device token for notifications. Try this first and then see if you receive any push notifications.

Fix #2A: Turn off "Power Saving" mode in your phone settings.
Some Android smartphones will completely mute apps running in the background, preventing DroneMobile from sending push notifications.

Phone Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > "OFF"


Fix #2B: Add DroneMobile to your list of "Unmonitored Apps"
If you follow step #2A and Power saving mode is already off OR you do not want to turn Power saving mode off, please add DroneMobile to your list of "Unmonitored Apps". This will allow DroneMobile to run in the background for alerts/push notifications.

Phone Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps > "Add apps"


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