How to Add Users?

With the release of Drone 4.0, you're now able to add multiple users to your DroneMobile account. Users that you add will now be able to control the vehicle from their devices without you having to share your personal login information.

First, you'll need to select 'Users' at the top of the web-page.


Click 'Create New User'.


This should open up a sidebar window that will require you to add in some information of this new user. You'll need to make sure you add a full name, email, address, and phone number.


When you press 'save', the new user's account will be created. Their login credentials will be their email address (username) and their password will be defaulted to 123456. You can change the default password by clicking the arrow under 'Actions' next to the desired account.


This is also where you can edit or delete any user profile.


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  • It looks like these directions and the screen shots are out of date and need to be updated!

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