Subscription/Service is on "Pause" after Security Update. (Error 400)

UPDATE August 14th, 2019 - If you are seeing Error 400 or paused state, it is because your subscription is expired. Please renew your subscription to remove this error.

Following the August 12th Security Update, the DroneMobile Team received reports of customers' DroneMobile subscriptions being put in a "paused" state. The symptoms of this issue include:

  • "400 Error" - unable to send commands, GPS track, or refresh status from the DroneMobile app
  • Yellow banner appearing at the top of your DroneMobile account when you login to Clicking "

This issue occurred as a result of a database update that we performed during the August 12th Security Update. During this update, numerous vehicles were unintentionally put into a paused state. While in this state, commands like lock, unlock, remote start and track are not available.

The DroneMobile Team is working to remove this paused state from all customer's vehicles, but do not have an exact ETA when this will happen. We appreciate your patience while we urgently work to resolve this issue.

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