"Not Ready" icon showing on Controls page, remote starter or other commands do not work from DroneMobile app.

UPDATE August 15th, 2019 - The DroneMobile Team has resolved this issue. If you still see this icon, please try refreshing your status by dragging your thumb down on the home screen of the DroneMobile app. After waiting 10-15 seconds, please try sending your command again.

The "Not Ready" icon represents your vehicle's ready-to-start status for remote start. This icon primarily is used for manual-transmission vehicles, which require the vehicle to be put into reservation mode prior to remote starting. If a manual-transmission vehicle is not put into reservation mode, that is a normal circumstance under which the "Not Ready" icon will appear.

However, if your vehicle is NOT a manual-transmission vehicle but IS showing the "Not Ready" icon, our team has found that this could be due to a "pause state bug" that emerged following our August 12th Security Update. If your DroneMobile system is affected by this bug, you will be unable to send remote start commands to your vehicle due to your DroneMobile's subscription being put in to a "paused state". 

This issue occurred as a result of a database update that we performed during the August 12th Security Update. During this update, numerous vehicles were unintentionally put into a paused state. While in this state, commands like lock, unlock, remote start and track are not available.

The DroneMobile Team is working to remove this paused state from all customer's vehicles, but do not have an exact ETA when this will happen. We appreciate your patience while we urgently work to resolve this issue. 

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