My DroneMobile account unexpectedly renewed and I was charged $XX.XX amount following the Security Update.

UPDATE August 15th, 2019 - The DroneMobile Team has identified a small number of accounts affected by this issue. Any erroneous charges were refunded. Please submit a support request if you do not see a refund for this charge within the next 48 hours (may take 1-2 business days to appear on your statement.)

Following the DroneMobile Security Update on August 12th, the DroneMobile Support Team received reports from some users stating that they were unexpectedly charged for their subscription. These reports were as follows:

  • I purchased a 1/2/3-year subscription for my vehicle X weeks/months ago, my subscription was renewed unexpectedly and I was charged $XX.XX amount.

  • My DroneMobile subscriptions normally renew on XX day of the month, however, they unexpectedly renewed following the Security Update.

  • I received an email or error in the DroneMobile app stating that my subscription unexpectedly, or prematurely expired following the Security Update.

Note: the issue described above is different from the "paused" state issue that some other users have reported. To read more about that issue, please click here:

The three issues described above are due to a renewal bug that resulted in subscriptions being automatically renewed if and when a credit card is added to the account. Inversely, for select users that do NOT have a credit card on their account, subscriptions were being prematurely expired.

In the event that you are unexpectedly charged, please send us a ticket here with the following information:

  • Your DroneMobile username/email*
  • The vehicles that were impacted by this bug an unexpectedly renewed or expired*
  • What was your vehicle's original DroneMobile subscription/plan?
  • What was your vehicle's original DroneMobile expiration date?
  • If you were charged, how much were you charged?*

* Required for our DroneMobile Support Team members to process your refund.

Using the information above, a DroneMobile Support Team Member will refund any unexpected charges and restore any lost service as a result of this bug. We sincerely apologize if your DroneMobile system was affected by this issue, and we appreciate your understanding as we seek to resolve it fully. 

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