What was changed during the Security Upgrade on August 12th, 2019?

On August 12th, 2019, the DroneMobile Team performed a major security upgrade to ensure the safety of our customers' information and vehicles.

In light of the recent issues related to this upgrade period, our team wanted to shed some light on the positive changes and improvements that resulted from these changes.


  • New "Control Center" interface that now allows you to control and track your vehicles from any internet browser (excluding Internet Explorer 10 or lower)
    • Send bulk commands to multiple vehicles
    • Manage 
    • Share individual vehicle access with family members or employees in a fleet operation
  • All DroneMobile subscriptions are now auto-renewing: meaning all DroneMobile subscriptions are "set it and forget it".
    • Also, DroneMobile Premium trials are now available to all new registered users, meaning you can try out GPS tracking when you sign up for DroneMobile
  • Launch of "Drone IoT", which is Firstech's new cloud-based infrastructure for our connected car products. "Cloud" is a term that a lot of people throw around. We use it to mean that DroneMobile will be faster and more reliable, even during months where user engagement exponentially and suddenly increases.
  • Streamlined and sanitized data schema to greatly reduce vulnerabilities from threats like hackers, botnets, or malicious softwares
  • Improved security standards for passwords, email verification, and sharing

While our team feels disappointed that the security updates didn't go as smoothly as expected/hoped, we are excited to say that DroneMobile is now better, safer, and faster. While there are some lingering issues that will need to be resolved over the next 24-72 hours, our team is excited for DroneMobile users like you to enjoy this week's improvements.

If you have any questions about Drone IoT, security, and beyond, please send us a ticket and we'd be more than happy to chat! https://support.dronemobile.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=30425


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