DroneMobile systems are missing from my account. Cannot re-register vehicle to add to my account.

Following the August 12th Security Update, several DroneMobile users have reported vehicles missing from their DroneMobile accounts. Users are not able to subsequently re-add the vehicle's serial number to their account to recover the vehicle.

The DroneMobile Support Team has specific instructions depending on the type of Drone module your vehicle uses, along with your country of residence.

Customers with DR-3100 (Verizon CDMA) devices - As mentioned in previous correspondence, DR-3100 (Verizon CDMA) devices will be the last to come back online. Because of this, we are asking customers with these devices to wait an additional 48 hours till August 15th prior to taking further action. Once that time has reached, please follow the instructions for "All other customers" below.

Customers residing in Australia/Oceania - Effective March 2019, DroneMobile discontinued retail and warranty support for Australian customers. We are currently trying to determine whether Australian services will resume following this Security Update. We hope to follow up via email shortly.

All other customers - for all other customers, please submit a support ticket to the DroneMobile team with the following information.

  • Your DroneMobile username/email (required)
  • Your full name (required)
  • Your vehicle's name (if available)
  • Your vehicle's serial number (if available)
  • Transaction #'s for any recent subscription payments/purchases for this specific vehicle - we will utilize this to restore any lost service once we've re-added the device to your account.
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