Issues Affecting Android Users After Security Update

UPDATE 9/1/19 - We recently released DroneMobile 4.0.7. Please go to your Google Play store to update the application.

We have discovered a few issues within the DroneMobile app on Android devices. Please be aware that we are currently working to get them corrected. Here's a list of the issues we are addressing at the moment - 

  • DroneMobile app logs user off the app when running in the background
  • Attempting to track the vehicle shutsdown the app
  • Attempting to see the activity feed shutsdown the app
  • Widget not working (New redesigned widget coming in September)
  • Turbo timer alert shows up after remote starting the vehicle
  • Going from the Track screen to Home distorts the Map 
  • On the Track screen the "Get location" icon spins without updating location 
  • On the Track screen the label that shows your vehicle is providing the wrong time and date
  • Wear OS app is currently down (New redesigned Wear app coming in September)
  • Google Home & Alexa are currently down (Coming in late September)


We expect the above issues to be corrected by next week.  Please accept our apologies once again. 

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  • Thanks for thad infrmation I was redi to drop down yours service.

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  • Hi, I have also found some other issues.
    The 'Driver*is not removed when I edit it but others are removed OK.
    Intermittently when I send commands they are executed but the app reports it failed. My two way remote receives the command OK.. such as lock/unlock.

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  • Also on the black screen you can't tell if the car is locked or unlocked

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