Issues related to iOS 13 Background App Refresh

What is Background App Refresh?

Background App Refresh is an iOS feature for iPhones that allows apps to run occasionally in the background for the purposes of refreshing content automatically. The rate at which any particular app can update content is controlled solely by your iPhone's operating system, and is impacted by a number of factors such as:

  • The strength of your internet connection (cellular vs wi-fi)
  • The amount of battery life you have left
  • The type of content being refreshed in the background
  • The time elapsed since you last used the app
  • Many things more.

What has changed with Background App Refresh?

As previously mentioned, Apple has sole control over how Background App Refresh behaves. In the most recent iOS 13 update for iPhones, developers like DroneMobile have found Background App Refresh to be less dependable than with previous iOS releases. This is to say that iPhones are preventing apps from refreshing content as frequently as before, which can present some issues (see last section).

How do I turn on Background App Refresh?

If you want to turn on or turn off Background App Refresh, navigate to your iPhone's "Settings". Then, go to "General" > "Background App Refresh".

You will see a master control, which manages Background App Refresh for all of your iPhone's applications. Additionally, you will see individual controls for each app.

By turning this setting ON, you are telling your iPhone, "I give permission to this app to refresh content in the background."

By turning this setting OFF, you are telling your iPhone, "I forbid this app from refreshing content in the background."

What problems will I experience with the DroneMobile App due to these changes?

All primary functions of the DroneMobile App were NOT impacted by Apple's recent updates to Background App Refresh. However, there are some issues that have been reported by users that you should be aware of:

  • Remote start run timer not reflecting correct runtime - This is a function that solely relies on Background App Refresh and is no longer working properly. This will be resolved on a future release.
  • Slower app load - If you haven't used your DroneMobile in over a day, the next time you do open the app, it may take a little longer to load. 
  • Old vehicle status - Because of the changes to Background App Refresh, the DroneMobile App is not refreshing content at the rate that it was before, thus you may need to manually refresh your vehicle's status to see the latest update.
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