Setting Up Google Assistant Voice Control with DroneMobile (2019)

If you have a Google Assistant supported device, whether it's a smartphone or a Google Home, you'll need to first link your Google Account with your DroneMobile Account. Please follow these steps to do so.

Step 1: Download the Google Assistant App from the Google Play Store.

You will need a Google account to use the Google Assistant app and to link other services, such as DroneMobile, to your Google account. 

Step 2: Go to the "Explore" section of the Google Assistant App and search for "DroneMobile".

Screenshot_20191127-134545_Google.jpg Screenshot_20191127-134604_Google.jpg

Step 3: Press "Link" to connect your Google Account with your DroneMobile Account.


If your account shows that you are already linked, please Unlink your account, and then press the "Link" button to relink your DroneMobile account.

Step 4: Enter your DroneMobile Account Credentials


This process will link your DroneMobile Account to your Google Account, enabling voice control from all of your devices that utilize Google Assistant.

Step 5: Set your Voice Control pin on your DroneMobile Account by logging into your DroneMobile account at


Step 6: From the dashboard, click or press "Edit Profile". Scroll to the bottom of the profile page and set a 4 digit “Unlock Pin”.


Important note:
All voice control applications will request this 4-digit pin when sending "Unlock" or "Remote Start" commands. At this time, "Remote Start" is only available for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

When using the Google Assistant app on your smartphone, Google Assistant has some trouble understanding pin codes. If your pin code is "1234", and you say "one two three four", Google Assistant will misunderstand your response as "1 2 3 4" with spaces. This causes an error.

While this does not happen with Google Home devices, this is a persistent issue with the Google Assistant App. To sidestep this, you can say the actual number (e.g. "one thousand two hundred thirty four") or use the keyboard in the Google Assistant app to correctly type in your pin code.

The Google Assistant is optimized to process single commands for 3rd party services and then dismiss that service, which can lead to a suboptimal experience if you want to, for example, start your car and then unlock it immediately. 

In order to avoid this quick dismissal, turn on the "Continued Conversation" feature in the Google Assistant app. You can also use the "Routines" feature to "jerry rig" a sequence of commands that you'd like Google Assistant and DroneMobile to perform.

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