Can I transfer my subscription plan from one DroneMobile unit to another?

A DroneMobile subscription plan is only transferable from one unit to another that are registered on the same account. If a DroneMobile unit is ever replaced on a vehicle with a new one the subscription plan that was purchased can be transferred over.

In order to transfer the plan from one unit to another you must have both of your units on your account. We will remove the old unit from the account following the plan transfer.

In order to transfer the plan please submit a request with relevant account info including:

  • User name/email address registered on the account along with name, street address, and phone number.
  • The serial number of the new unit you would like to have the plan transferred to and the serial number of the old unit. (vehicle name's will work as well)
  • Cause or reason for the plan transfer. 

How to find the serial number to a Drone unit 


Thank you.

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