The Driving widget features a digital odometer that can be used to approximate the number of miles you or a shared driver have driven in this vehicle.


To set your vehicle’s current odometer, go to the “Drone Settings” page: 

  • “Set Up” > “Drone Settings”
  • Activate “Maintenance Settings”
  • Enter all four fields underneath Maintenance Settings:
    • Miles Driven – your vehicle’s current odometer
    • Last Service Mileage – the mileage of your vehicle’s last service appointment
    • Next Service Mileage – the mileage that you’d like to be reminded to make an appointment with a service location
    • Last Service Date – the date of your vehicle’s last service appointment

Underneath the digital odometer, you will see the number of “Speeding” and “Curfew” alerts triggered over the last 30 days. To set your vehicle’s speed limit and curfew hours, please go to the “Drone Settings” page.

The Driving widget will only appear if your DroneMobile system has a Premium, Business, or Business Plus location. If your DroneMobile system has a Basic subscription, the Driving widget will remain hidden.

The DroneMobile digital odometer utilizes GPS, which is not always an accurate method of tracking mileage. If you are driving in a city with tall buildings, rural areas, or areas with poor GPS connectivity, mileage may be inaccurate. Please use the DroneMobile mileage tracker as a secondary means to tracking your vehicle’s mileage. If you would like to manually update your system’s mileage, please go to the “Drone Settings” page and update the “Miles Driven” field.

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