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March 2024 App Update for DroneMobile

Mar 25, 2024
March 2024 App Update for DroneMobile

The DroneMobile Team is excited to announce this year's first major app update.

Drone XC Dash Cam Support

It's finally here! SEMA's Best New Product, the Drone XC-LTE Dash Cam, will finally start shipping this month to authorized dealers near you. This latest DroneMobile App update will enable support for this innovative new product.

In order to support the Drone XC Dash Cam, here are some of the new app features that will be available to dash cam users. Please note: these features will only be visible when a vehicle with Drone XC-LTE is selected.

  1. New "Dash Cam" section added to Home Screen
  2. Live video streaming via LTE* or Wi-Fi
  3. Snapshot capabilities
  4. Gallery for viewing videos uploaded to the cloud* OR on the XC dash cam's local storage card
  5. Dash Cam settings for configuring the Drone XC dash cam
  6. Many more dash cam features!

Use the DroneMobile Dealer Locator to request pricing and availability for the Drone XC-LTE >

*Streaming plan required.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Earlier this year, we announced major security enhancements coming to the DroneMobile apps and websites to protect users' accounts and vehicles.

DroneMobile users will now be able activate multi-factor authentication, or "MFA", which will use a phone number or authenticator app to verify login attempts. A random code will be generated every time you log into the DroneMobile app from a new device. Please note that re-verification will required on an occasional basis. At launch, MFA is optional to all users.

Read more about MFA here >

In addition to MFA, DroneMobile users will now be notified via email whenever a new login attempt is detected on an unrecognized device. These notifications will include a general estimate of the device's location to allow you to review the validity of the attempt.

We look forward to enhancing your experience with DroneMobile apps, products, and services. In addition to the app improvements outlined above, our team has made countless updates to our infrastructure to improve our service reliability and fix recurring issues reported by users.

Thank you to our supporting dealers and most importantly, for users like you!