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How this DroneMobile User Monitors His Vehicle

Jan 04, 2021
How this DroneMobile User Monitors His Vehicle

DroneMobile offers several ways for you to keep an eye on your vehicle throughout the day. Whether you’re out of town, your vehicle is being used by someone else, or you’ve taken it in for service, you maintain control of your car security. 

The user story we’re going to share with you includes some great ideas for how to use ignition alerts, GPS tracking, and the arming/disarming features of your DroneMobile system. If you’d like to share your story with us, please fill out this form

“I recently had to ship my truck to another state for warranty work…”

One great use for DroneMobile fleet tracking is that it allows you to keep up with your vehicles even while you’re away. DroneMobile business user Jarrod B. shared a story with us about how DroneMobile helped provide him with peace of mind while his vehicle was in another state for warranty work. 

I recently had to ship my truck to another state for warranty work. The shipping company picked it up and I was able to see exactly where they were along the trip and confirm where it rested. I also enabled the engine on/off notifications so I could tell if they were doing anything out of the ordinary.


Since reliable vehicles can be such a significant investment, it’s important to do as much as you can to ensure their safety. This is where DroneMobile stepped in for Jarrod. Even though his vehicle was in a completely different state, he was able to keep track of how the vehicle was being used. This way, if he noticed something out of the ordinary, he could immediately contact the mechanics to ask them about the incident. 

Once they parked for the night and I knew it was stationary, I was able to turn the alarm on from hundreds of miles away! It gave me a lot of peace of mind having that type of control over my vehicle. I also use the battery voltage monitoring quite a bit when I leave it parked for an extended period of time.


Even when Jarrod’s vehicle was in different hands, he still was able to maintain control. This control over your vehicle’s security system will help give you the peace of mind you need and protect your automotive investment.

We love hearing about all of the ways everyone uses DroneMobile to enhance the comfort and safety of their vehicles. If you would like to learn more about how DroneMobile works, check out the video above!